Crew Rescued From Dutch Cargo Ship Adrift in Norwegian Sea

One person was transported to hospital after the crew of a Dutch cargo ship were airlifted from their vessel after issuing a distress signal off the coast of Alesund, Norway, on April 6, the local rescue service said.

This footage, released by rescue service for southern Norway, shows crew members of the Eemslift Hendrika being winched to safety.

In total, 12 people were rescued from the ship after the crew feared it would capsize, the rescue service said.

Local news reports said that by April 7, teams were working to prevent the ship from sinking in the Norwegian Sea.

According to Aftenposten, the ship was adrift in waves of up to 15 meters (more than 49 feet) high, and there were concerns the vessel’s fuel could leak into the sea if it capsizes.

Dutch news reports said the vessel carries mixed cargo, including luxury motor boats. Credit: Hovedredningssentralen Sør-Norge via Storyful