Crews Rescue Over a Dozen Animals Trapped in Mud at California Farm

The San Bernardino County Fire Department helped rescue 17 animals at a farm in Muscoy, California, on Wednesday, March 22, after they became stuck in deep mud after days of heavy rain.

The fire department said horses, cows and bulls were among the rescued animals. Crews set up a skid steer to clear a path to access some of the animals, they said.

The department said the animals were transported to Devore Animal Shelter by San Bernardino County Animal Control. Credit: San Bernardino County Fire via Storyful

Video transcript


- Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Stop.



- It's going to come your way. Yeah.

- Strong enough to watch it?

- Ready?

- Try.

- Throw it. Throw it.

- There you go.

- Good, kid. Hey.


- Hold on. Hold on. Slow, slow, slow, slow.

- Come on. There we go.

- Watch out. He's going to fling at you.