After Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook Addressed Voit 'Reveling' In His Power Over The BAU, How Long Can JJ Keep Her Secret?

 A.J. Cook as JJ and Adam Rodriguez as Luke in Criminal Minds Season 17x04.
Credit: Michael Yarish /Paramount+

Spoilers ahead for Episode 4 of Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2, called "Kingdom of the Blind."

After four episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution's second season in the 2024 TV schedule, it's abundantly clear that being locked up didn't do much to stop Elias Voit from messing with the profilers of the BAU. Despite a shakeup when his reunion with his family devolved into his eldest daughter trying to stab him, Voit was still at his manipulative worst... or best, depending on your perspective! By the end of "Kingdom of the Blind," Zach Gilford's character had schemed his way into a transfer to Quantico to work as a profiler alongside the team, including JJ as she keeps something to herself.

Voit got win after win in an episode when JJ wanted to talk to Prentiss about her secret, leaving me thinking about what actress A.J. Cook told us about Voit and power. But first things first!

What's Happening With Voit And JJ

Voit got under JJ's skin last week in Episode 3, when his reveal to Luke led to the agent dropping the news on JJ that she was the subject of very convincing deepfake pornography on a site on the dark web. That episode ended with JJ accessing the site to see for herself, and while Criminal Minds (thankfully) didn't show any of the content, it was clear enough in "Kingdom of the Blind" that it hit close to home for her. She was far more subdued than usual, wearing long sleeves and trying to get a moment alone with Prentiss, who had tried to keep the site a secret from her.

Yes, Voit got in JJ's head without even speaking with her on the subject, but through a well-intentioned Luke instead. The serial killer may have sown some seeds of discontent within the BAU just in time for him to worm his way into Quantico and join the agents as a profiler.

JJ didn't seem bitter toward Prentiss in "Kingdom of the Blind" in any way that should sabotage their working relationship, and she decided not to push a conversation when so much else was going down. But all bets seem to be off now that Voit's connection to the Gold Star program has made him essential to the investigation. JJ knowing about the deepfake site is her secret for now; with Voit coming into the mix at Quantico, I just want to know how long she can keep it.

What A.J. Cook Told Us About Voit

I spoke with the cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution ahead of the Season 2 premiere, about everything from Tyler's trust issues to Zach Gilford's unexpected take on Voit's crimes to why releasing on Paramount+ is "dazzling" for Aisha Tyler. When I chatted with A.J. Cook, I noted that Season 1 of Evolution proved Voit has a knack for getting under people's skin, and she responded:

Oh, I haven't noticed. [laughs] Oh, man, this season, woo! 'Under your skin' should be his extended middle name. And a lot of that stuff he improvs and it's so fantastic. One of my favorite things about directing him is I never say cut right away, because there's something in him that has to keep talking and or throw something in there, like one last jab before you say cut. Man, he's really good at that. And he knows that our unit has been put in this really tough situation where we have to work with him. And let's just say he is reveling in that power.

I originally spoke with A.J. Cook before Season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution – or Season 17 of Criminal Minds overall – premiered for fans with Paramount+ subscriptions, and her comments about Voit "reveling" in power hit a lot harder now that JJ has to carry this secret. Is it possible that the next episode opens with JJ talking to Prentiss about it? Sure, but my money is on her keeping it quiet that she knows about the website until later in the season.

New episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution will continue releasing on Thursdays on Paramount+. The drama has already been renewed for Season 3, so whether or not the BAU wraps up the Voit storyline in the 2024 TV schedule, the team will be back for at least one more round.