Crop top for men? Why not!

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Whether it be the handsomely Johnny Depp, wearing a cropped soccer jersey in the 1984 film, Nightmare on Elm Street, or iconic pop star Prince donning a tank crop top in concert in the 80s and '90s, every time they choose to display their toned midriffs, they're earning plenty of compliments. By setting an example for others, these fashionistas bring crop tops to the male wardrobe - a revolutionary style-statement adopted by the masses.

Designers are no longer just making shirts and sweatshirts with the rise of urban and hip-hop styles in men's fashion. Instead, they are incorporating these well-known labels into every aspect of today's wardrobe. Crop tops are not exempt from this rule. As far as future predictions are concerned, we can say that 2021 will be filled with men's style gurus and fashionistas who are teaching us how to wear crop tops like pros while promoting their clothing lines. According to prominent style authorities, here is what you can expect.

Solid crew neck crop top

Solid crew neck crop tops have indeed become a famous outfit among men. This type of clothing usually comes in plaid and solid colours. If you want to have something sophisticated and straightforward simultaneously, you may choose plaid as your colour.

Work-out crop top

Workout cropped tank tops for men guarantees to give you a body that you can be proud of. You can freely express yourself by choosing the size, style and colour of the top that you like to wear. So if you are looking to get the body of your dreams, then get ready to take charge and look your best!

Vintage crop top

The vintage look is all about bringing out the 'antique’ in you and your wardrobe. Vintage clothing is a timeless favourite for many, especially when you pair it as a winning combination.

Striped long crop top

Striped long-sleeve cotton is in vogue. The most modern and trendsetting long-sleeved crop tops available today. These are cut to fit snugly to the body for the wearer to have a perfect blend of appearance. They are available in various materials, styles, and colours, right from a button-down, to a hooded one or a mock turtleneck. T

Schimmel jersey crop top


Schimmel Jersey Crop Top for men is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The name itself says it all, a top with a built-in pattern and style that can be worn in any situation. Schimmel was known for its tops for men many years ago and has remained a favourite clothing brand for generations.

Gooey crop tank top for men

It's the staple of many parties and can be found in most casual stores. So, why is it that only certain people like this garment and others hate it? To be fair, the gooey crop tops are made of the same materials as many other clothing items, such as cotton or polyester, worn anytime, anywhere.

Graphic Crop Top for men

A Graphic Crop Top is very popular with teenagers. These are available in different styles and graphics. At the same time, some get customised too with one’s favourite quote or band name. Therefore, finding one to suit your style should not be a problem.