Crypto gangs duped gamers to steal $2 million in mining heist


Gamers, you could unwittingly be helping cybercrime gangs hijack your home mainframe to mine the cryptocurrency Monero.

Anti-virus firm Avast are saying cybercriminals have been loading up dodgy versions of smash hit games with crypto-mining malware called Crackonosh, which secretly generates digital money once the game is loaded.

It is estimated criminals have made more than $2m of the Monero from the scam so far, with many tens of thousands of unwitting victims worldwide.

Apple released a list of their products that pose a risk to pacemakers and implanted defibrillators.

In a support document, the items to be kept at a “safe distance” includes the iPhone 12, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, which has a heartbeat monitoring capability.

A Hindu hardline group has filed a complaint with police against Twitter after politically sensitive regions were depicted outside a map of India on its website.

This came amid strained relations between Twitter and New Delhi over the firm’s compliance with India’s new IT rules.

Scientists say the clouds on Venus are “too thick” for human life to exist, an interactive map for deposits of minerals - that are critical for making smartphones - is being launched, and, astronomers spot a new type of supernova in the sky.

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