We The Curious ramps up reopening plans with new schedule

We The Curious is counting down to its reopening on July 6, revealing a schedule of new activities for visitors in the coming months. Tickets went on sale on June 4 and the We The Curious team are urging everyone interested in visiting the newly restored venue to pre-book tickets online.

The much loved science centre will be opening its doors again this summer following a fire in April 2022 which devastated the popular tourist attraction. The roof-top fire left the building severely water damaged and staff have spent time since delivering science and education events out in communities across the city. But they have confirmed that some of Bristol's favourite favourite exhibits have been spruced up in time to welcome visitors back through the doors.

Back in April, We The Curious launched a list of '73 Ways to Get Curious', as a way of marking the countdown to the centre's reopening celebration. And now it has launched a selection of event and activity listings from July onwards, as well as some special weekend events throughout June - read more about some of them below...

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Special events and June weekends

The team at We The Curious say: "As we find our feet with reopening, a few of our usual special events will be on hold just for now – but will be back in the autumn! This includes Toddler Takeovers, Planetarium Nights and Relaxed Morning events. We’ll let you know as soon as tickets are on sale for these events.

"Come and join us for some early reopening celebrations. We’ll be out on Millennium Square with our popular 'Let’s Build' activity each weekend from June 8. On Sundays, enjoy some free outdoor screenings of classics from our friends at Aardman, including Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep."

Reopening - 'Impossible, Possible'

The event description reads: "How do you feel when you’re faced with a seemingly impossible problem? Our Impossible/Possible season celebrates tackling those challenges, finding your own way through a problem, working together and enjoying our mistakes along the way. From seemingly impossible conditions for plants to grow, to climate crisis challenges and the secrets of shopping, our activities will help to explore the concept of Impossible/Possible in all of its forms."

Opening times: 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday during term time, and daily throughout the summer holidays.

Project What If

The description for this new exhibition, which is included in your day ticket price, reads: "Inspired by real questions from the people of Bristol, Project What If is an invitation to escape into a mysterious world of possibilities for anyone who is curious and loves to play. It’s also home to Open City Lab, a collaborative working laboratory, where you can meet scientists, join them in their explorations and take part in research.

"You’ll find the ground floor of We The Curious transformed into a space where art and science collide, with 65 exhibits clustered around seven questions on very different themes. There’s plenty of light and colour in Rainbows; a chance to reflect on what makes you unique and explore the habitats of aliens in Universe.

"Illness sparks conversations about the nature of disease, health inequalities and how our experience of illness can shape our lives. Taking ideas from the natural world, it’s easy to disappear in Invisibility.

"Peer inside the Tardis and discover how you measure something you can’t even see in Time and come face to face with an early ancestor in Sand. Meanwhile, moral puzzles, the beauty of our brains and a heart-to-heart with the resident robot await you in Soul."

Hidden Health

Hidden Health is also included with your day ticket - "Exploring the health needs of three communities in Bristol from a young person’s perspective. Three young leaders (age 16-17) were paired with early career Digital Health Researchers from the University of Bristol, to explore what health and wellbeing means to them.

"Working together, these two groups have shared experiences and influenced each other’s work. Participatory artist Ramona Eve, who supported delivery of the project, has now created an installation for our gallery space ‘The Box’, which invites you to become part of each young leader’s research journey.

"Get hands-on; play on a bespoke arcade machine, cuddle a giant soft sculpture and write your own personal message on a cloud and add to our sky wall! Step inside to join in the conversation and reflect on your own hidden health story #MyHiddenHealthStory."

Inside We The Curious, ten months after the fire on the roof in April 2022
Inside We The Curious, ten months after the fire on the roof in April 2022 -Credit:Bristol Live

Food Exhibition

'Moo-less Milk' is free, with timed sessions and allows you to head to the We The Curious kitchen to learn how to make your own plant-based milks.

In The Greenhouse

Another free event is 'Impossible Plants' which explores plants that don't need the likes of water, soil and sun to survive.

In The Studio

Chain Reaction will be included with your day ticket and available in timed sessions on certain days, so always check before you visit. This allows visitors the chance to become an inventor and work together to make an elaborate chain reaction (Rube Goldberg) machine, by using balls, dominoes, and other contraptions to tackle some of the challenges of the climate crisis in a playful way.


Free in timed sessions, We The Curious is hosting multi-sensory storytelling sessions where young visitors will have the chance to meet main characters and go on a storytelling adventure to discover new worlds with them.

In the Planetarium

Bristol Planetarium
Bristol Planetarium -Credit:David Betts Photography

Shows are as follows:

Colossal Cosmos (3D)

When: Regular daily shows, 3D: £4 per seat (members £2), in addition to standard admission. 3D shows only available for ages 6+. Advance booking strongly recommended.

Target audience: Age 9+. Suitable for families and adults. Not suitable for under 6s.

Synopsis: "Fly through the rings of Saturn, explore constellations, and spot a “shooting star” as we investigate the incredibly large and the impossibly distant and ask – are we really as small as we seem in comparison? This awe-inspiring show combines knowledgeable presenters with the only 3D Planetarium in the UK to create a truly astounding experience. Investigate the science of astronomy and find answers to questions you’ve always wanted to ask."

Expedition Solar System (2D & 3D)

When: Regular daily shows. £4 per seat (members £2), in addition to standard admission. 3D shows only available for ages 6+. Advance booking strongly recommended

Target audience: Recommended for ages 7+, families and adults. No admittance for under 6s in 3D shows. 2D shows are not suitable for under 3s.

Synopsis: "Board the UK’s only 3D Planetarium for an expedition across the Solar System. Discover the answers to questions posed by our visitors and choose where we visit along the way. Why are moons not planets? What is the strangest world in the Solar System? Each question will take us on a different path through the Solar System, with multiple destinations to choose from."

Spin the Spaceship (2D)

When: Ongoing. Regular daily shows, £4 per seat (members £2), in addition to standard admission. Under 3s FREE.

Target audience: Suitable for under-6s, and their grown-ups.

Synopsis: "Zoom through space and explore the Solar System as we help Blurgle Wurgle the friendly alien find a new home. Where shall we go? Let’s spin the spaceship and find out! Join us for our brand-new under 6s Planetarium show, where dancing helps the spaceship spin!"