Curious Rescued Owl Mesmerized by Its Reflection in Handler’s Sunglasses

A curious spotted-eagle owl in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, couldn’t get enough of its own reflection after the bird caught a glimpse of itself in Natalia Cara’s sunglasses.

This video, uploaded to YouTube on December 3, shows the fascinated bird on Cara’s arm. She told Storyful that the owl was rescued as a chick after being found on the ground, uncared-for by its parents.

The bird had little contact with humans, however it still perched on the arm when it was offered.

“That is when it noticed there was ‘another owl’ staring at it from my sunglasses,” Cara said.

“It was very curious about it, but not in an aggressive way. When it saw that it didn’t do anything, it lost interest.” Credit: Natalia Cara via Storyful