Dad of three nearly died after poisoning himself with CYANIDE from cherry stones

A dad-of-three nearly died after he poisoned himself with cyanide from cherry stones.

Matthew Creme, 29, munched on the stones, not realised that the cherry almond-tasting nut inside contained the dangerous poison.

As he became increasingly unwell his partner called 111 to be told he had eaten enough for a lethal cyanide dose and should go straight to hospital.

Matthew has made a full recovery but said he has spoken out to warn other people of the dangers of cyanide in cherry stones.

Unaware – Matthew didn’t realise the nuts inside the cherry stones contained cyanide (Pictures: SWNS)

He said: “I crushed one of the stones open out of curiosity and it was so delicious. I referred to the packaging to see if it said anything to indicate that you shouldn’t eat the stones.

“There was nothing so I ate two more of them because they tasted really nice. Within 10 minutes I started feeling drowsy and hot. I had a headache and felt really lethargic.”


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After partner Georgina Mason, 23, called the NHS medical line 111 medics urged them to go to hospital.

Matthew, from Lytham St Annes, Lancs, said: “You’re told not to eat them but nobody says why. I can guarantee you those people don’t know there’s cyanide inside those stones.”

Close call – the dad of three could have died after consuming a lethal dose of cyanide

He added: “I’m speaking out to raise awareness. Eating just one or two cherry seeds causes cyanide poisoning and that is a high enough dose to kill a 160lb male. If my daughter had eaten them, she’d have gone to bed and not woken up.”

While at hospital, Matthew also signed a document that allows medical staff to use his case as a reference for future incidents.