The world's most expensive RV costs £2.3 million and it's seriously luxurious

Nick Reilly
It’s a seriously luxurious way to travel (Picture: SWNS)

The world’s most expensive RV has been revealed – and it’s quite possibly the most luxurious experience on wheels.

The vehicle, which costs a cool £2.3m, comes complete with a cocktail bar, over 20 TVs and even gold-tilted interiors.

The white coach, which is over 13ft tall, is billed as a ‘mobile mansion’ by its creators and also featured a huge master bedroom with a king-size bed and 40in TV.

It boasts golden gilded bedrooms (Picture: SWNS)
There’s a extremely luxurious interior (Picture: SWNS)
Not forgetting the perfect kitchen… (Picture: SWNS)

It also boasts an adjoining bathroom with a rainfall shower, while a cocktail bar rises from the expandable roof deck.

Journeys within the vehicle will be the height of luxury too – with each room fitted with 20 gold-gilded leather seats complete with individual TV monitors.

Mario Marchi, president of creators, Marchi Mobile, described the vehicle as embodying ‘Everything Marchi Mobile stands for: exclusivity, the highest technological standard, and a spectacular design’.

Not forgetting the seriously fancy bedrooms (Picture: SWNS)
It’s the only way to travel.. (Picture: SWNS)

Michael Bürkle, of the German vehicle inspection association DEKRA added: ‘This vehicle is a masterpiece of technology, and is exceptional in every respect.

‘The inspections that it has passed correspond to standards usually met only by buses of large high-volume manufacturers.’

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