Daisy Lowe responds to 'lesbian rumours' surrounding her and 'best friend' Louise Redknapp

Daisy Lowe has laughed off rumours that she is in a lesbian relationship with Louise Redknapp.

The model stirred speculation that the pair are more than just friends after she gushed about her former Strictly Come Dancing pal on her podcast, crediting Louise for ‘completely changing her life’.

Fans soon jumped to conclusions and questioned whether the pair’s close bond was in fact deeper than just friendship.

Daisy Lowe addresses Louise Redknapp ‘lesbian’ rumours as she credits former Strictly star with ‘changing her life’ (PA)
Daisy Lowe addresses Louise Redknapp ‘lesbian’ rumours as she credits former Strictly star with ‘changing her life’ (PA)

One fan tweeted: ‘Daisy Lowe and Louise Redknapp lesbian couple soon to drop.’

Responding on her Femme podcast, Daisy said: ‘I’m aware of all the lesbian hints. It actually makes me laugh.

‘People find it strange we are friends. Why? She’s an amazing, warm, honest woman. I’m proud of her. This is what women should do, support each other.’

Recalling the moment their friendship started last year, Daisy revealed it was Louise who was her shoulder to cry on when her grandfather passed away.

The model addresses the rumours in her new podcast.

She shared: ‘On the first day of Strictly rehearsals, Louise was in my dressing room chatting and I got a call telling me my grandfather had died.

‘I went to the bathroom and sobbed. Louise was lovely. From then on she looked out for me.’

Rumours first swirled about the pairs friendship earlier this week when Daisy labelled Louise her ‘best friend’.

‘I don’t use best friend often especially with someone I’ve only known for a year but Louise Redknapp completely changed my life and the two of us became these kind of wonderful confidence boosters for one another,’ she said on her podcast.

‘I would never in a million years have the confidence to set up my own business, my own company, my own podcast if it wasn’t for the incredible nurture of one of my best friends. We’re like each other’s cheerleaders.’

She went on: ‘For a woman to be so firmly in the sisterhood, and so selfless and so kind, it meant the world.’

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