Strictly's Brian Conley mocks claims he's receiving 'special treatment' from floor-manager brother

Strictly‘s Brian Conley has mocked claims that he is receiving ‘special treatment’ after it was revealed his brother works on the show.

The funnyman was said to be getting more airtime and better editing because his brother, Alan Conley, is the long-time floor manager on the BBC One show.

But now Brian has hit back, laughing off the claims and insisting that he is treated in the same manner as his fellow celebs.

Brian Conley denies ‘special treatment’
Brian Conley denies ‘special treatment’

He also joked that if he is meant to be getting preferential treatment, then his brother isn’t doing a very good job as he he didn’t stop him from facing the dreaded dance off in the very first week of the competition.

‘I can’t believe it. They’re saying I’m getting special treatment… if my brother was giving me special treatment, how comes I was right at the bottom on the first week… and in the dance off?’ he said in a short video on Instagram.

Appearing baffled by the claims, Brian laughed: ‘He’s not doing a very good job my brother.’


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Joking about how Alan could potentially help him on the show, Brian continued to mock reports, as he added: ‘He could maybe get me a cup of tea… or what else he could do? Extra servings in the canteen?

‘He’s not the director, he’s nothing to do with the judging, he doesn’t deal with the phone calls… “What’s that 50 votes for Brian? One for Aston…” He’s my brother and i’m so proud of him.’

Slamming the claims once more, the former I’m A Celebrity star concluded: ‘It’s funny.’

Brian’s comments come after The Sun claimed the celebrity contestants were fed up with his ‘special treatment’.

A source claimed: ‘Alan has worked on the show for years and his inevitable closeness to Brian has been putting noses out of joint.

‘Staying in Strictly and doing well is in no small part down to how your clips are edited and the airtime each celebrity gets, so having a family member on staff is bound to help.

‘Brian survived the first dance-off against former Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu, despite having been the favourite to go.”

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