‘Bully’ son jailed after burning elderly mum with scalding hot fork

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Damian Southern, 44, has been jailed after assaulting his mum. (SWNS)
Damian Southern, 44, has been jailed after assaulting his mum. (SWNS)

A “bully” son has been jailed and banned from seeing his mum after burning her with a scalding hot fork.

Damian Southern, 44, was found guilty of controlling or coercive behaviour and assault at Bradford Crown Court.

Abdul Shakoor, prosecuting, said he was arguing with his mum in the kitchen when he moved towards her with the fork he had heated on the gas hob.

She put her arm up to protect herself and the fork burned her on her wrist.

Southern has been given an indefinite restraining order banning him from contacting his mother.

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A general view of Bradford Crown Court, Bradford.
Damian Southern was jailed at Bradford Crown Court. (PA)

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In 2017, alcoholic Southern had been given a suspended prison sentence for two offences of common assault against his mum and a restraining order banned him from seeing her.

But in April 2019, Southern moved back into his mum’s after the order expired, with a judge saying he began to make her life a misery over the next two years.

Three months later after another common assault in the living room, which Southern admitted, the complainant contacted her daughter and the police arrested him.

Southern's mother described him as “a bully” when she gave evidence at her son’s trial.

Southern's solicitor advocate John Bottomley explained he had started drinking heavily following his father’s death in 2011.

He said drink had cost Southern his friends and employment and the only person in his life was his mother and he accepted he had abused that relationship.

Mr Bottomley said Southern had not taken alcohol since being remanded in custody in April and he realised that his physical health was suffering and his mental health was being affected.

Judge Neil Davey, QC, said: “All these three offences are made the more serious because they were all committed under the influence of alcohol and because they were not the first time that you had offended against your mother.

“It is plain to see, and you know as well as anybody, that alcohol and it’s excessive misuse is at the root of all your problems and at the root of all your offending."

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