Dan Walker fans welcome his breakfast show return with new Classic FM gig

The former BBC Breakfast host is back on early mornings, this time as a radio presenter.

Dan Walker is back on breakfast at Classic FM. (PA Images via Getty Images)
Dan Walker is back on breakfast at Classic FM. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Dan Walker has made a welcome return to breakfast broadcasting as fans cheered on his Classic FM debut.

The former BBC Breakfast host announced his new radio gig last week, sharing that he would be taking over the breakfast show - and listeners were delighted by his first programme on Monday morning.

Walker left the BBC for a new role presenting the evening news for Channel 5, but is now working both ends of the day with his Classic FM show and shared that it took some adjusting to get back into the early morning alarm routine.

Dan Walker is welcomed to his new job. (PA)
Dan Walker is welcomed to his new job. (PA)

Posting an old screenshot of his 3am BBC Breakfast alarm schedule to Instagram ahead of his Classic FM debut, he wrote: "Right… I have set about 604 alarms to make sure I don’t miss the start of the brand new @classicfm Breakfast Show tomorrow. It does bring back BBC Breakfast morning memories but thankfully nowhere near as early. We’ve love you to tune in tomorrow… see you anytime between 630 and 10 #BackAtBreakfast"

His new station co-star Alexander Armstrong welcomed him, writing on X: "Dan, my old mountaineering buddy… you sounded absolutely fantastic this morning. Great to have you on board!"

Fans were pleased to be able to start their day with Walker again, as one person commented: "Its been lovely to hear you this morning...welcome back to breakfast."

Someone else added: "Well done Dan - really enjoyed your breakfast programme," while another fan added: "Love Classic FM and that you’re now on it! Good luck Dan."

One person wrote: "Listened to you this morning. Great job Dan. Looking forward to more of the same."

Another impressed listener agreed: "I already love Dan Walker - Shostakovich to kick off and now @StevenIsserlis playing Haydn. The lad can’t go far wrong. Welcome Dan."

Someone else wrote: "Amazing listen, this morning! The tunes were perfect for back to school and work, and day one of your new show. Welcome!"

But proving that you can't please all of the people all of the time, one disgruntled listener commented: "Tiresome and boring - spoilt the start to my day - definitely not start of the day material either on tv or this channel - not worth upgrading my DAB radio for any more - Jonathan Ross is also dire moving to Radio 3."

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