Gemma Collins brands Jason Gardiner 'a bully' after he compares her to a fridge

Gardiner has hit out at Gemma Collins yet again. (Getty Images)
Gardiner has hit out at Gemma Collins yet again. (Getty Images)

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were stunned into silence today as Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner described Gemma Collins as a “refrigerator”.

Gardiner appeared on the morning show to discuss this weekend’s live final of the ITV skating programme, speaking about each of the finalists.

But the episode will also see the show’s eliminated contestants returning, including Gemma Collins.

Asked by Willoughby if he’s looking forward to having everyone back this weekend, Gardiner replied: “I am really looking forward to seeing Didi again.”

Schofield then interjected, trying to prompt a response about his on-going feud with Collins, and said: “Gemma’s back.”

Collins with her DOI partner Matt Evers. (ITV Pictures)
Collins with her DOI partner Matt Evers. (ITV Pictures)

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Gardiner jokingly replied: “Who?” before Schofield clarified: “The GC”.

Gardiner then sassily replied: “I thought that was a refrigerator.”

Schofield and Willoughby awkwardly leant back and pulled pained expressions following Gardiner’s remark.

Following a brief and uncomfortable silence, Gardiner added: “Look, I don’t hold a grudge. I don’t really know the woman at all. She falsely accused me of something, well so be it, I’ve moved on.”

Collins has responded by claiming she will no longer appear on this Sunday’s Dancing on Ice finale after Gardiner’s ‘bullying’ remarks.

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Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “I’m really tired of being BULLIED by this man. I wish you would stop. It’s very very upsetting and hurtful. Let it go, Jason. Stop bullying me. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I won’t be bullied anymore.

“Making me feel uncomfortable to come back to the final on Sunday! I was looking forward to Sunday but won’t be anywhere near someone who’s BULLYING me. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE on any level.

The pair’s feud began back in January following an on-air row that saw Collins accuse Gardiner of selling stories about her, only for him to describe her as a “brat”.

The argument started when Gardiner criticised Collins’ Marilyn Monroe-inspired performance for ‘lacking elegance’.

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Collins hit back by saying: “Maybe if you didn’t sell stories on me I wouldn’t have been so upset this week, so take that,” while shouting, “boring, next,” over the rest of his comments.

Gardiner tried to reason with her: “This doesn’t help your cause. What it shows is that you’re just a brat.”