Britain's biggest Dandy comic collector tells of devastation as series goes digital

Chris Parsons
Yahoo! News
Collection: Adam has bought over 2,000 Dandy comics (SWNS)

Britain's biggest Dandy fan said the long-running comic will 'never be the same again' after the last ever printed edition hit the shelves.

Fanatic Adam Teitge has collected 2,000 comics in two decades, but has now forked out for the last ever print edition as the cartoon switches to a digital-only format.

The 25-year-old has managed to get his hands on every copy of the classic comic printed since March 1970 - over four decades of issues.

Today Adam, from Stafford, was left gutted after the final physical edition of comic - produced by DC Thomson - went on sale before switching to a digital.

Adam - who gave the final print edition the thumbs-up when he bought it yesterday - said he was sad at the prospect of no longer buying a physical copy.

He said: "I would prefer a physical copy but it has to move with the times and appeal to today's youth I suppose.

"I understand the decision of the publishers to go digital - if it doesn't keep up then it will just be a comic your dad used to read.

"I think the final edition is really good, the way they've done the cover is great, on the front you have all the characters drawn in a modern style while on the back they're done the original styles.

"But to not have that feel of the comic in your hands and not to be able to smell the paper is absolutely gutting. - I will definitely miss it and it won't quite be the same again."

Adam said that he hopes to collect all 3,610 issues of the Dandy, including the first ever copy which can sell for up to £20,000.

He added that the obsession with the comic began in 1994 after he was introduced to it by his dad.

He said: "He took me to the shop and asked if I wanted a comic.

"It was the Beano or the Dandy, I chose the Dandy and it spiralled out of control from there.

“My dad just said at the time that I should collect three or four copies and put them in the attic and see what happens.

“Now with this whole collection together I think it’s probably worth a couple of thousand pounds – that’s along with the free gifts.

"But now I know exactly how many issues I'm missing when I'm looking to fill gaps in the collection.

"While the Dandy's moving forward in time, I suppose you could say I'm moving backwards trying to track down all these old copies. It's ironic really."