Daniel Dubois offers Anthony Joshua behind the scenes scrap during fiery face off

Daniel Dubois offered Anthony Joshua a behind-the-scenes brawl as the boxing rivals came face to face at a promotional event.

The duo will go to battle at Wembley on September 21, with Joshua vying to regain the heavyweight world champion title for the third time. Dubois, the new full champion after he replaced Oleksandr Usyk, won the interim IBF belt when he stopped Filip Hrgovic last month but is now the main man after Usyk vacated his world title and undisputed status.

Speaking as the heavyweights promoted the huge fight, Joshua said: "We had a bit of aggro, it's good. There are two aspects to it, the competitive side, the Queensbury Rules of boxing, but there is also the instinct that one has, as a fighter, and that is just how it is. Before I boxed, I was a good fighter, that's an instinct you have when someone calls you out. He said, 'let's go now'. And I said: 'Let's go then'. No security, I just stepped away, I thought I would be the bigger man."

Dubois, who jetted in from Brazil to announce the fight, downplayed the incident, saying: "I was jet-lagged that was all, my mind was not in the right place, but it was all good and all part of the fun and getting into the groove."

Meanwhile, promoter Frank Warren explained: "It just nearly went off upstairs but you will have to wait until the film goes out to see it. It was quite lively. We did a face-off around a table and it got a bit spicy. It got a bit heated and Daniel said, 'Let's go now'. It was genuine, there is genuine animosity. There's pressure on both of them but the pressure is on AJ. Daniel's last two fights, the bookmakers have made the other guy the favourite and I'm sure they will make AJ the favourite. I hope they do because he loves it. They didn't shake hands."

Joshua remains undefeated since his back-to-back losses to Usyk. The Ukrainian vacated his belt rather than being stripped of it for failing to meet his mandatory challenges by not fighting Dubois again. Usyk declared in his announcement: "Anthony and Daniel listen, I know IBF title is important to you. It is my present to you on September 21. The world loves strong. Your friend, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Oleksandr Usyk."

Ever since their sparring session in 2017, Joshua and Dubois have been mentioned in the same breath, with Dubois alleging he knocked down 'AJ', although no proof has surfaced. After a tense head-to-head with Dubois, 'AJ' sported a stern expression in several photos and issued a warning to his adversary: "Reality is about to hit him." Despite losing his initial world title bout to Usyk last year, Dubois has bounced back with victories over Joshua's former foe Jarrell Miller and Filip Hrgovic.