Daniel Radcliffe's Childhood Home For Sale For £1.45Million

If you are a Harry Potter super fan who also happens to be a millionaire then we have some good news for you; Daniel Radcliffe’s childhood home in Fulham is on the market and could be yours for a cool £1.45million.

Not too shabby, eh?

The four-bedroom terraced house is in Sherbrooke Road, Fulham, West London and it is where Daniel, now 26, lived until the age of 12 with his literary agent dad Alan and casting agent mum Marcia.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the estate agent who is selling the property shared: “This is Daniel Radcliffe’s childhood home it has only just come on the market so there has not been too much interest yet.

"We have had a handful of viewings though and we are hoping that interest will increase dramatically when the word gets out.

"We don’t advertise the house based on who used to live here but we do tell people when we take them round and they tend to raise a smile.

"Although there was one person who turned round and said, ‘Who is Daniel Radcliffe?’”

The property has been described as a white-washed terrace with two bathrooms, converted loft, and a private garden and it is thought that the fancy area is going to be the reason why it gets snapped up, not the previous resident.

The agent added: “Prices on the whole are doing well in this part of London.This end of Sherbrooke Road wasn’t always as desirable and in demand as once it was, but now it is very much sought-after, as is most of the SW6 postcode that last year was voted the 'happiest’ in London.”

Daniel was cast as Harry Potter when he turned eleven years old and went on to star in the fantasy series for ten years.

His net worth is thought to be about £74million.