Danniella Westbrook: 'I’m one cocaine relapse away from dying'

Tom Beasley
Danniella Westbrook attends the National Film Awards UK at Portchester House on March 28, 2018. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Former EastEnders actor Danniella Westbrook has admitted she doesn’t think she could survive another relapse of her cocaine addiction.

The 45-year-old actor told The Sun that cocaine “ruined my life” and confessed that her problem has reached a “do or die” point.

Westbrook first became hooked on the Class A drug at the age of 14, but the problem intensified when she won a part as Sam Mitchell in EastEnders, aged 16, and became a regular in London nightclubs.

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She famously suffered damage to her nasal septum as a result of her continuous abuse of the drug, taking five grams a day while pregnant and spending £250,000 on her habit.

Westbrook entered rehab and was sober for 12 years before relapsing in 2017 after taking the drug as pain relief in the wake of botched dental surgery that led her to have three operations in just seven weeks.

Actress Danniella Morgan (formley Danniella Westbrook) is returning to Albert Square, of television's Eastenders, as Ricky Butcher's ex-wife, and the Mitchell brothers' younger sister, Samantha. (Credit: PA)

Five months clean after her latest spell in rehab, Westbrook said she has reached crisis point when it comes to her health.

She added: “I’ve got another relapse in me, but I don’t have another recovery.

“It’s do or die for me. I know I’m one relapse away from dying.”

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Westbrook appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show earlier this year and was sent to rehab once again by the programme after revealing the depth of her problem, weighing just six and a half stone and “looking like a 70-year-old woman”.

She has consistently defended her long-time friend Kyle in the wake of the controversy that led to the show’s cancellation and

“If Jeremy hadn’t reached out to me I would be dead,” she said.

“When he saw me for the first time out of rehab he had tears in his eyes. I told him he’d saved my life.”

Danniella Westbrook appeared on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' in 2019 to discuss her cocaine addiction. (Credit: ITV)

Westbrook said she attempted suicide last year and is now backing a campaign by The Sun to raise awareness around cocaine use.

She added: “Cocaine ruined my life. It hurt my health and stripped me of my personality and my self-respect and self-worth.

“All I cared about was drugs. I was just constantly trying to get money. It wasn’t about putting food on the table, it was all about getting drugs.”

Westbrook now plans to train as a therapist to help others who are struggling with drug addiction.

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