Danniella Westbrook hits back at trolls as she's 'seriously struggling' with the 'hate'

The star revealed that she faces abuse online

Danniella Westbrook was hurt by the comments made about her nose on Gogglebox. (Getty Images)
Danniella Westbrook has faced trolling. (Getty Images)

Danniella Westbrook said she was “seriously struggling” with all the “hate” she is receiving online as she hit back at social media trolls.

The former EastEnders star – who has been undergoing facial reconstructive surgery – has been open about the fact she is abused online, saying she gets criticised over her appearance and that some trolls have even told her to kill herself.

She has now addressed the abuse on social media, penning a message on her Instagram Story that said: “Fact: I am seriously struggling with the constant trolling and hate I’m receiving.

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“Please don’t send me hate.”

Danniella Westbrook said she is struggling with the trolling. (Danniella Westbrook Instagram)
Danniella Westbrook said she is struggling with the trolling. (Danniella Westbrook Instagram)

Westbrook added on Twitter: “FYI I have zero interest in people who troll me, hate on me, make fun of me, post childish things about me on here & other social media platforms.

“Feel free 2 voice your opinion.

“Just know that your opinions don't pay my bills & 2 me your existence is irrelevant.”

The star, who found fame as Sam Mitchell on the BBC soap, added the hashtag “#StayBlessed”.

Westbrook, 49, suffered damage to her nasal septum as a result of past cocaine abuse and has also previously said that a botched surgery left her with osteoporosis which is making the bones in her face weaken.

She has been undergoing reconstruction surgery and told The Sun last year that she hopes it will stop her getting so much abuse.

Actress Danniella Morgan (formley Danniella Westbrook) is returning to Albert Square, of television's Eastenders, as Ricky Butcher's ex-wife, and the Mitchell brothers' younger sister, Samantha. * Danniella Westbrook has been dumped from the hit soap, the BBC have confirmed. Her character Sam Mitchell will move to north London, leaving the door open for her to return in the future. Miss Westbrook's latest exit from the London-based soap follows speculation of warnings about her private live, in particular her continued battle with drugs.
Danniella Westbrook found fame in EastEnders. (PA Images/Alamy)

“People message me, saying, ‘You’re so ugly, you’re a junkie, you should just go and kill yourself’,” she said.

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“I’ve also had messages saying they are glad I’m not coming back to EastEnders because no one wants me scaring their kids on the telly.”

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