Dannii Minogue almost quit showbusiness over 'X Factor' rows stress


Dannii Minogue has admitted the stress of The X Factor got so bad that she considered quitting showbusiness for good.

The Australian singer was a judge on the ITV series for four seasons between 2007 and 2010, but said her famous fall-out with fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh became too much to handle.

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In a candid interview with Radio Times, Minogue said that schoolchildren who didn’t get on could just choose not to play together, but “as an adult in a work situation, it’s a lot harder”.

She added that the barrage of public opinion on every decision she made had been tough to deal with: “I had the opinion of the whole country, and I felt sometimes that that opinion was so skewed and not correct.

“There wasn’t anything I could do about it, and it really got to a point where I was just happy to bow out, and not be part of entertainment anymore, because it was really crushing me and I felt it was just too much.”

However, Minogue decided not to turn her back on TV and said that she was glad she had managed to find a way to continue working without the same level of pressure after she quit the show.

She said: “I do think there’s also a time where you put your hands up and say ‘this is too much’ – anxiety, depression, stress – everyone has to put their hands up when it really is too much for them.”

Minogue has since worked as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and the forthcoming The Masked Singer, but confirmed it had never been on her radar to join up to The X Factor again.

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But she did say that she had some great memories of her time on the show with Osbourne before they fell out over her closeness to head judge Simon Cowell, and had come away with some strong friendships.

She also credited her mentoring role with giving her a maternal instinct, which she said she had never experienced before working with teen wannabe popstars.

Minogue gave birth to her son Ethan in 2010, the year that she left her role on The X Factor.