Danny Boyle film to 'shut down' Northumberland street as A-list stars join cast

28 Years Later director Danny Boyle in Rothbury
28 Years Later director Danny Boyle in Rothbury -Credit:Steven Bridgett

Filming on new Danny Boyle film 28 Years Later will 'shut down' a street in Northumberland, with residents sent letters to inform them of any potential disruption, as two A-list stars have been confirmed for the movie.

Over the last few months, locals have been signed up to star as extras in the new sequel to 2022 smash 28 Days Later, starring Cillian Murphy; as farmers, cyclists, wild swimmers and even babies have been scouted for the latest project from Oscar winner Danny. Applications have been flooding in for the roles, with the latter casting call sparking a lot of interest from parents keen to see their little ones get some big screen blockbuster stardom.

After all of the speculation surrounding the film, where exactly it will be filmed and who will star in it, Danny, who has also been at the helm of films like Yesterday, as well as the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, was seen in Rothbury, with members of his production team.

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And it's residents in the village who have now had letters through their door, revealing where and when filming on 28 Days Later will take place. The letter confirms that the a certain street in the area will be taken over by cast and crew on July 2.

It explains: 'We are planning to film some exterior scenes locally to you on Tuesday July 2, 2024. This will also likely include a few days of preparation and reinstatement on either side of our shooting date to dress for the filming. However, access will be maintained to residents' houses and driveways. The road closure is necessary to ensure the safety of the public and the crew during filming.'

The note adds that a further letter will be sent nearer the filming date and adds: "'Local support is hugely important for us and we want to ensure that the filming is inclusive and positive for the community.'

The letter arriving at the homes of local residents comes as two of 28 Years Later stars, The English Patient and Harry Potter actor Ralph Fiennes and Killing Eve's Jodie Comer have been spotted in Newcastle, following meetings with director Danny. While it is not known whether original 28 Days Later star Cillian will be on screen in the sequel, he is rumoured to be involved as an executive producer.