Danny Dyer reassures EastEnders fans after dramatic Christmas Day exit: ‘Don’t worry about Mick, alright?’

Danny Dyer has posted a “hilarious” video to Instagram reassuring EastEnders fans not to worry about the fate of his character, Mick Carter.

During the Christmas special of EastEnders (25 December), Dyer left the soap after nine years of playing the role.

Warning: spoilers ahead for the Christmas Day 2022 episode of EastEnders

In the episode, Mick, along with his current wife, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and ex-wife Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), ends up at the port of Dover after a dramatic car chase.

Mick is seen diving off the white cliffs of Dover into the English Channel to rescue Janine and Linda.

The episode ends as Mick fails to re-emerge from the sea, while Janine and Linda find safety on the shore. In the following episode (26 December), search parties sent out by the Coastguard cannot find him.

In an Instagram video posted on 26 December, Dyer, 45, appears to be sitting on a tropical beach drinking cocktails.

“Don’t worry, I know it was emotional last night,” he reassured fans. “It was a very very nutty episode but don’t be concerned because I f***ing made it,” he says, gesturing towards the beach behind him.

“I mean it was a c*** of a swim but let me tell you now it was worth it,” he says, jokingly suggesting that Mick Carter swam from the English Channel to the unknown destination of his sunny holiday.

“Mick needed a rest. It was time for him to move on – a new chapter,” Dyer said. “He had to get away. Janine was driving him f******g mad.

Danny Dyer pictured with Charles and Camilla on an episode of ‘EastEnders’ (PA Media)
Danny Dyer pictured with Charles and Camilla on an episode of ‘EastEnders’ (PA Media)

Dyer went on to thank his castmates for the nine years he worked on EastEnders.

“I love you all, very very dearly. I’m very honoured to have worked with you for as long as I have and I’ll relish those moments for the rest of my life,” he said. “It’s the end of an era and you know, like I said, really appreciate and very grateful for the years I’ve had running the Queen Vic.”

Again, Dyer consoled his fans, “So again, don’t stress, and especially the fans, who have voted for me, invested in Mick and made him the character that he is.”

“So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and don’t worry about Mick, alright?” he says, holding up a cocktail and taking a sip, before reaching for what appears to be a Shisha pipe. “Because, he’s sweet as a f***ing nut,” he says, smiling.

In the comments, EastEnders fans were amused by the video, while others were begging for the return of Mick Carter already.

“Don’t lie, if they can bring Kathy from the dead they can bring Mick,” wrote one person.

“Was in tears when you left, but I’m glad Mick went out on a high note. I’m probably gonna pretend he’s still alive since his body wasn’t found, but if he is dead then at least he died trying to save the one he loved most in the world!” commented another fan.

Dyer’s costar Kellie Bright who plays his ex-wife Linda wrote: “And THIS is why I have loved being by your side for the past 9 years @officialdannydyer.

“Thank you for making it so god damn special. Linda is gonna be FURIOUS that you are swanning about on a beach somewhere without her….  Miss you already.”

Danny Dyer joined the cast of the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2013, with Mick becoming the new landlord of the Queen Victoria pub in the heart of Albert Square.