Dark skies and mesmerising mountaintops: Jaw-dropping winners from the Sony World Photography Awards

320,000 breathtaking images taken in more than 200 countries have been whittled down to only 10 winners in this year’s Sony World Photography competition.

Many of the winners are non-professional photographers, making their achievement even more remarkable.

The ten Open category winners will now go on to compete for the Open Photographer of the Year, winning $5,000 (USD).

This photographer, along with the Professional categories winners, will be announced in London on April 19.

The winning work will be published in the 2018 Awards’ book and shown at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London from 20 April – 6 May.

The 10 Open category winners were chosen by an expert panel of judges as the world’s very best single photographs, and the National Awards winners selected as the strongest single image taken by a local photographer across nearly 70 countries.

The winning works and their photographers are truly international, with images coming from Australia, Argentina, Cambodia, China, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

All Open category and National Award winners receive the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony.

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