Dates and times of lane and full road closures in Hull for surface dressing

A programme of surface dressing works will affect 12 routes in Hull
-Credit: (Image: Hull City Council)

Surface dressing across Hull’s primary road network will begin next week with lane and road closures needed.

The city-wide programme will affect 12 routes that are showing signs of deterioration and have been earmarked for improvement. The work will take place between Monday, July 1 and Wednesday, July 10 and will see lane closures and, in some cases, full road closures for the dressing to be carried out.

Prior to the surface dressing taking place, the sites in the programme will have pre-patching work carried out on them to remove any existing defects and cracks. The surface dressing will then seal the road surface to help prevent future failures and extend the life of the carriageway on each site.


Works will be carried out during the day at non-peak times or overnight to reduce the impact on traffic, with weekends excluded. Work on each site will be carried out under a lane closure, as mobile works, or under a full road closure with a fully-signed diversion route in place.

Access for residents will be maintained when possible. However, there may be short periods when access is restricted while surfacing takes place in the immediate vicinity of an access.

Surface dressing across Hull's primary route network will take place from Monday, July 1
Surface dressing across Hull's primary route network will take place from Monday, July 1 -Credit:Hull City Council

Letter drops will be carried out by Hull City Council prior to the programme starting and the contractor will also carry out their own letter drop and erect advanced warning notices prior to starting on site. The full schedule of surface dressing sites is as follows:

Monday, July 1

Anlaby Road - flyover inbound and outbound from Saner Street to Walton Street. Closure with signed diversion, 7.30pm to 6am

Tuesday, July 2

Witty Street - Brighton Street roundabout to Scarborough Road. Mobile works, 6.30pm to 6am

Tuesday to Wednesday, July 2 to 3

Cleveland Street - Witham to Chapman Street. Mobile works, 6.30pm to 6am

Wednesday, July 3

Calvert Road - Spring Bank roundabout to County Road. Closure with signed diversion, 6.30pm to 6am

Thursday, July 4

James Reckitt Avenue - Eastbound running lane from Malet Lambert School to Gillshill Road mini-roundabout. Mobile works, 6.30pm to 6am

Friday, July 5

Ganstead Lane - Holderness Road roundabout to outside 67 Ganstead Lane. Mobile works, 6.30pm to 6am

Monday, July 8

Wiltshire Road - Hessle Road inbound to Hessle Road flyover. Closure with signed diversion, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Boothferry Road - Outside lane, inbound and outbound, from 5 ways roundabout to Anlaby Park Road North. Lane closures, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Tuesday, July 9

Earle’s Road - Mount Pleasant south roundabout to Alexandra Dock roundabout. Mobile works, 4am to midnight

Orchard Park Road - Hall Road to Cladshaw. Mobile works, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Wednesday, July 10

Runnymede Way - Ashcombe Road to Shinewater Park. Mobile works, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Runnymede Lane - Runnymede Way roundabout to Richmond Lane roundabout. Closure with signed diversion, 9.30am to 3.30pm