Dave Myers' widow shares heartbreaking message as she misses Hairy Biker 'terribly'

Dave Myers' wife Liliana has spoken of how much she misses the Hairy Biker
Dave Myers' wife Liliana has spoken of how much she misses the Hairy Biker -Credit:Liliana Orzac

The widow of Hairy Biker Dave Myers has spoken about missing her late husband "terribly", much she misses him two months on from his death.

Lili Myers - who met Dave in 2006 - was by his side when he died. She has spoken to BBC Radio Cumbria about how loved Dave was, WalesOnline reports. The hugely popular TV chef died aged 66 in February after living with cancer.

Dave was best-known as one of the Hairy Bikers, along with pal Si King. Lili was speaking about Dave Day on June 8, when thousands of bikers will travel from London to Myers's home town of Barrow, raising money for charity.

"He was the same person on and off screen," Lili said. "Larger than life. I miss him terribly now. I miss that energy." She admitted that the final stages of Dave's life were tough.

But she added that he had somehow found the strength to continue filming - something Lili said left her "in awe". Lili would drive him to filming before going on with him to hospital for chemotherapy.

She he said she had encouraged him to keep shooting the series because "it was his life", adding that they had "made the most of every day" together.

"It wasn't an easy period of time," she said. "I've watched this man die for a couple of years, every day, little by little."

She added that she had not watched the last episode of the Hairy Bikers, because it had been aired on a day when she was celebrating Myers with friends and family. "I want to remember the man as he is," she said.

The pair met in Romania while they were filming their first series, The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook, in 2006. A Romanian producer had apparently let them down so Lili stepped in to help.

They stayed in touch afterwards, with Dave emailing her from exotic locations around the world until they were finally able to reconnect at his home in Barrow.

"I got these beautiful emails from exotic parts of the world, talking to me about the culture, about the food, about the people that he met and that was magical for me," she said.