David and Brooklyn Beckham Forced To Leave Pub After Welsh Fans Taunt Them On St. David’s Day

He might not be playing professional football anymore, but that doesn’t stop David Beckham getting it in the neck from soccer fans to this day.

The Sun has revealed that when he took his eldest son Brooklyn to a pub in North London this weekend, they were forced to LEAVE after Welsh fans took their mickey-taking to the next level.

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On St David’s Day, the pub in question was playing a documentary on Wales’ 2016 Euro Championship campaign, which understandably got the Welsh fans in the pub a little bit ‘giddy’, shall we say.

Unfortunately, when the crowd found out that Becks 'N’ Brooks were having a catch-up in the bar, the song-singing got a little bit out of hand for the Beckham boys’ liking.

The Welsh fans also ribbed David after the English FA had posted a tweet of Beckham scoring against the Welsh a few years ago – understandably, Dave probably wasn’t the person they really wanted to be seeing on their day of national pride.

Speaking to the paper, a source who was in the pub at the time said: “The boys were enjoying a catch up when suddenly the pub was taken over by Welsh fans at around 8.30pm.

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“They tried to remain discreet wearing beanies and caps but the supporters recognised them and sang Welsh anthems, buoyed by the fact the pub was decked in Welsh flags.

“It started to get a bit annoying, forcing Becks to call it a night.

“He couldn’t be bothered with it.”

Ah, come on Dave – buy the lads a pint and throw a few daffodils around and build a bridge!