David Arquette wants to silence the internet trolls with surprise return to pro wrestling

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Before David Arquette appeared on the Wendy Williams Show Wednesday, he teased on social media that he had a big announcement to make. It was, to say the least, an unusual surprise.

During his interview, Arquette spoke directly to the audience. “I’d like to announce my return to professional wrestling!” he said while standing up and raising his arms theatrically.

For anyone confused by this, a quick internet search of “wrestling” and “David Arquette” turns up the moment from 2000 of him “winning” the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) heavyweight championship.

David Arquette won the WCW heavyweight championship in 2000. It was a divisive stunt for wrestling fans. (Photo: Getty Images)

Arquette, thankfully, elaborated on Wendy Williams.

“I was promoting a movie I did called Ready to Rumble and it just so happened that I won the championship,” he said. Ready to Rumble was, essentially, a promotional film for WCW that closed shop under that name in 2001. For ticked-off fans, Arquette made an easy target.

“They blamed me for ruining WCW, it’s no longer around,” he said. “And maybe I did have something to do with it.”

Williams reminded Arquette that he is 46 and perhaps not in prime wrestling shape anymore. The actor, however, has been busy training to redeem himself.

“For 18 years, I’ve been trolled on the internet,” Arquette said. “And I just want to bring some respect back to my name!”

As for that name, Arquette has been trying a “gimmick,” as he calls it, by going as David “Magic Man” Arquette. It’s totally unclear when,  where and how this magic will begin – but a few weeks ago a YouTube video was posted of Arquette showing off his character.

David Arquette says his pro wrestling stage name will be “Magic Man.” (Photo: Courtesy of David Arquette)