David Bowie's ghost haunting island of Mustique?

David Bowie's ghost is reportedly haunting the island of Mustique.

The musician and actor passed away in 2016 at the age of 69 after a secret 18-month battle with liver cancer and it has been claimed that David's presence lives on in the Caribbean island where he and wife Iman had a home.

Former GQ editor Dylan Jones writes in his new book 'These Foolish Things': "Spend any time on Mustique and you'll start to meet Bowie's ghost, whether it's in Basil's Bar or at the Cotton House Hotel, where every Tuesday there is still a weekly meet and greet at which you get to see who is staying on the island."

Jones added that Bowie was a regular at Basil's Bar and loved to jam with the house band.

Describing it as "the waterfront dive bar where everyone on the island still congregates after dark", he added: "Bowie was a regular and would occasionally get up to sing with whatever house band happened to be playing there.

"When Bowie was on the island, he tended to be extremely sociable and even before he started coming with Iman he would spend his evenings carousing with the likes of Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry."

Meanwhile, Bowie collaborator Earl Slick recently described the late star as "the strangest cat I’d ever seen", when they first met in the seventies.

Writing in his book 'Guitar: Playing with David Bowie, John Lennon, and Rock-and-Roll’s Greatest Heroes', he said: "Man, he was skinny as a rake. And pale. He was dressed the way an English rock star might think a Harlem pimp would dress. Loose, baggy pants matched with Capezio dance shoes. It was a weird combo, but very cool, too. And I was especially struck by the way he moved. He was graceful for a rock-and-roll guy. To top it off, he had bright orange hair under a grey fedora. Then, as he got closer, I noticed he didn’t have any eyebrows!

“David was definitely the strangest cat I’d ever seen, and I’d been around some off-the-wall characters, even at that point in my career.”