David Cameron photobombs selfie at posh Oxfordshire music festival

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David Cameron photobombs a Labour activist’s selfie (SWNS)
David Cameron photobombs a Labour activist’s selfie (SWNS)

It appears David Cameron has taken a leaf out of Jeremy Corbyn‘s book by appearing at one of the summer’s big music festivals.

Following the Labour leader’s Main Stage appearance at Glastonbury, the former prime minister visited the upmarket Wilderness festival, albeit in a more inconspicuous fashion — sneaking into the back of a reveller’s selfie.

Vanessa Price, 47 — a Labour party activist — was horrified to discover the glum-looking Tory in her photograph, taken at the festival close to the politician’s Cotswold home.

Cameron, who was watching Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit, was also later snapped by another festival-goer, who was wearing a sequined jacket emblazoned with the word ‘Corbyn’.

The former PM was with wife Samantha and daughter Nancy at the event in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

Price, who took the selfie with husband Steve, said: “He didn’t look like he was enjoying the music but Sam seemed to be having a nice time.

“He was looking around, looking a bit bored. We couldn’t believe it. We were taking a selfie and he looked right at the camera.

Couldn't have even planned it (big Dave C in the house, shame he can't read)

A post shared by Lucy Edwards (@laeedwards) on Aug 5, 2017 at 7:26pm PDT

“We realised straight away. Steve said ‘I think that’s David Cameron,’ and when we looked properly we saw his wife was there.

“He hung around for about ten or 15 minutes and then left.”

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Vanessa is a Labour councillor who had campaigned against Mr Cameron’s policies in his constituency, Witney, but had never set eyes on him before.

The town councillor in Stroud, Gloucestershire, added: “I live near here and I’m a Labour councillor, I’ve helped with demonstrations in Witney and stood outside his offices but never set eyes on him.

“I’ve only ever seen him on the telly, and then he pops up in a field, at a festival. I’ve have love to have seen Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury but to see David Cameron at Wilderness, he certainly isn’t wowing the crowds.

“It’s a very posh festival, people take the mick. If there was a ever a festival he’d like, this would be it. He wouldn’t be safe at Glastonbury for five minutes.”

Vanessa confirmed that “there was no dad dancing.”

“I think Samantha was enjoying herself. I suspect she and the children wanted to be there.”

Tickets, priced at £189.25 for general adult camping, worked out per day at more expensive than Glastonbury. Headliners included Grace Jones and reggae legends Toots and the Maytals.

She said: “I’d say it’s mostly people in their 20s and 30s, it’s a more upmarket sort of thing. He looked out of place.

“We love the festival because of an area called The Forum”where they have political debates – Vince Cable was suppose to give a talk but cancelled because he is now too busy.

“They should have given Cameron a call, he could have stepped in.”

Lucy Edwards, who posed in a Corbyn jacket next to Cameron, wrote on Instagram: “Couldn’t have even planned it (big Dave C in the house, shame he can’t read)”

Underneath, one user wrote: “Oh Goddddddd would not want to be at any festival that David Cameron was at”

Another added simply: “Iconic”.

Meanwhile, Cameron has come under fire after it was revealed he has a sign reading “Calm down dear it’s only a recession” in his £1.5m Cotswold cottage.

The Conservative, who oversaw a program of austerity during his time in Number 10, was slammed as being “out of touch”, after the sign came to light in a Harper’s Bazaar interview with Samantha Cameron.

Ian Lavery, the Labour party chairman, said: “The Tories’ era of austerity has had a very real and damaging impact on people’s lives across the country.

“That it could be treated as a joke in the very household that imposed it is astonishing.”

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