North Korea promises 'thousands-fold' revenge against USA over UN sanctions

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
North Korea has stepped up its nuclear ambitions (PA)

North Korea has threatened that the United States faces “thousands-fold” revenge over the latest tough set of sanctions imposed on the country.

The warning comes two days after the UN Security Council unanimously approved new sanctions to punish the secretive nation including a ban on coal and other exports worth over £770 million.

Sanctions were imposed after the North’s latest round of intercontinental ballistic launches, which the regime claims has the ability to reach American soil.

North Korea’s statement said the sanctions were caused by a “heinous US plot to isolate and stifle” the county.

North Korea have threatened the US over fresh sanctions (Reuters)

It says the UN sanctions will never force the country to negotiate over its nuclear programme or to give up its nuclear drive.

It also says the country will take “action of justice” but did not elaborate on what that might entail.


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North Korea promises ‘thousands-fold’ revenge against US over UN sanctions
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The statement was carried by state media.

President Donald Trump and South Korean president Moon Jae-in spoke of their concern over Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions during a phone call on Sunday.

Both leaders reaffirmed the “grave and growing” threat North Korea poses to countries around the world.