Man surgically implants magnets into wrist to wear iPod

A tattoo artist has invented a bizarre way to stay with his beloved iPod at all times – having surgery to implant magnets under his skin.

Footage showing New Jersey’s Dave Hurban, 21, surgically embedding the magnets into his left wrist to keep his 16GB iPod nano quite literally at arm’s length, has been doing the rounds on the Web.

Instead of wearing a wristband, four small powerful magnets under the body piecing expert’s skin helps the Apple device stay in place, just like a strapless watch.

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Mr Hurban told tech Website Digital Trends that the technique used is actually a typical one in the world of body piercing and that the pain of the procedure was not as bad as he thought.

“Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors, and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimetre magnetic tops,” he said.

“I took the ends of magnets and actually adhered them to the back of the iPod, and that’s how they click into my skin.”

He added: “I can go for a run and it won’t come off. I’ve already taken it to the gym and jogged with it on.”

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In March, it emerged that Nokia has issued patents for "vibrating tattoos", which could be permanently attached to a person's body and used to alert them when they were receiving a phone call or text message.

For his sake, we’re just hoping that Apple doesn’t choose to redesign the nano anytime soon.

   [Warning: This video contains graphic content]