Davina McCall left ‘feeling furious’ after social media abuse over weight

Davina McCall has called out trolls for “abuse” on social media regarding her weight which has left her “feeling furious”.

The Masked Singer judge, who has also had a career as a fitness personality with a series of DVDs on weight loss and exercise, shared her frustrations in a new post on Instagram on Saturday (4 May).

McCall had shared a sponsored post the day before in which she promoted a range of gut health drinks. Following the post, she received a barrage of comments about her appearance, making reference to her weight, arms, face, and neck.

The 57-year-old TV personality decided to call out the criticisms as she said: “I feel like people post these things and then they have no consequences because they can post whatever they like and be cruel, and I just have to kind of take it. So I thought I’d offload here.”

She continued: “I’m a 5ft 6in woman who weighs 61kg. I don’t diet. I exercise. I eat relatively healthily, and I enjoy sharing that journey with people.”

The usually enthusiastic host was visibly annoyed as she said the comments had left her “feeling furious”.

“I’m 57 this year, and I’m happy with the way that I look. And I feel absolutely f***ing great. So I just thought I’d post that there.”

McCall hit back at social media trolls (@DavinaMcCall/Instagram)
McCall hit back at social media trolls (@DavinaMcCall/Instagram)

In response to comments about her neck and face, McCall said there was very little she could do unless she decided to “fill it with filler”.

“I don’t know what to do about my neck... my neck is my neck, and maybe the light was bad or something,” she said. “But all you have to do is look at the rest of my posts on my page and see that I’m not unhealthy.”

Social media users had branded the former Big Brother presenter “too skinny” adding that she “looks ill”. Many in the comments came to her defence as they urged her to “rise above these comments”.

Meanwhile, other users were more distracted by her use of plastic in the products. “Kefir is fantastic. But plastic is NOT... please don’t endorse single use plastic.”

Another added: “Mass produced in plastic???!! No thank you”.

McCall urged users to think before they shared comments as she concluded, “This was horrible. So I’m parking that there. And I’m just saying maybe think before you post something.

“Wouldn’t it be nicer to say something positive? And if you can’t say anything positive, don’t bother.”