'Daylight robbery' parking charges are 'absolutely shocking'

A new parking rules sign at Old Bridge Street Car Park in Truro
A new parking rules sign at Old Bridge Street Car Park in Truro -Credit:Kathryn Sevier

New car park charges in Truro could land motorists with a massive bill of £31.50 for parking for more than three hours. The charges at the Old Bridge Street Car Park in Truro came into force as of Monday, April 1.

The 124-space car park, which is open 24 hours a day and does not permit sleeping or overnight camping, is a short-stay car park allowing users to park for up to three hours. It is a pay-on-exit car park.

However, the new signs stated that any motorist parking between three hours and 24 hours will be charged £31.50. It adds that blue badge holders are required to pay the normal fee unless their vehicle is registered under Cornwall Council's exemption scheme or the parked vehicle is specially adapted for the benefit of the driver.

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And one local is fuming. In an open letter to Cornwall Council, published in our sister print title the West Briton, they ask why your pricing goes from ‘normal’ to extortionate after three hours. And added that it was a daylight robbery.

The open letter to Cornwall Council:

I was absolutely shocked today to be charged £31.50 to use the Old Bridge Street car park in Truro.

I came in and supported a charity event near the cathedral. Unfortunately the queueing was much longer than anticipated: but I just wanted to say, with stores standing empty all over Cornwall do you think this is the best way to encourage people living here to support local businesses? I supported five businesses and a local charity today, only to be met with this ridiculous charge. I wonder if the plethora of cars parked on double yellow lines got any penalties. Surely you would want to encourage people to park legally?

Can someone please tell me why your pricing goes from ‘normal’ to extortionate after three hours? If I was only going for a meal at a restaurant I’d be there for more than three hours; a shopping trip to the stores in town is definitely more than three hours.

What are you people trying to do to the locals? Have you heard of the cost-of-living crisis? At this rate it’s cheaper to buy online and have things delivered. Go to a local restaurant? I think not. Daylight robbery! I’m furious! I honestly don’t even know how to sign off. I hope the council has the outcome they deserve. Shocked!

Renata Leveroni

via email

A council spokesperson replied: Old Bridge Street has always been a short-stay car park. Motorists have never been permitted to stay beyond three hours and the introduction of the three-plus-hour tariff is designed to discourage parking beyond this time. There are 18 large signs in the car park which indicate this tariff is in place, as well as signs at the entry and pay station. Cornwall Council is confident every effort has been made to ensure motorists are aware of the new charge prior to overstaying the three-hour period. In the future, if you wish to park in excess of three hours Truro has the following long-stay sites where the all-day charge is significantly less: Edward Street; Moorfield; Garras Wharf; Moresk; High Cross (private); Tabernacle Street (private); Lemon Quay multi-storey (private).

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