Deal or No Deal contestant feels guilty after viewers raise over £80k to help him

After Brad Wale, who has motor neurone disease won just £5 on the game show, fellow contestant started a fundraising page for him.

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A Deal or No Deal contestant has confessed he feels guilt-ridden after viewers donated so much money to help achieve his bucket list. Brad Wale — who has motor neurone disease (MND) — won just £5 when he recently appeared on the ITV game show.

After the episode aired fellow contestant Rochelle Brown set up an online fundraising page to help him fund his bucket list, and it has already raised more than £80,000. Wale, 29, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss his reaction to the support from the public and also revealed what he would like to spend the money on.

What, how, and why?

Deal or No Deal contestant Brad Wale ( (ITV screengrab)
Deal or No Deal contestant Brad Wale has been overwhelmed by the money donated to help him. (ITV screengrab)

The unlucky quiz show contestant burst into tears as host Ed Balls revealed the amount of money GoFundMe page had raised was more than £50k at the time of the interview. Wale admitted he felt overwhelmed and even guilty that so much money had been given by the public to help him.

He said: "Thank you so much, you've made me cry. It was filmed a really long time ago. I won five pounds, it was really sad, but I was content with that, you move on. So seeing the outpouring of attention I've got from [the show] is just overwhelming. It's almost too much that I accept, I feel guilt ridden. I need to decompress. It's not because I'm ungrateful."

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Wale revealed he would like to spend the money on travelling to India, Thailand and taking part in a bungee jump off a bridge in an exciting location abroad. He said: "Listing all these things it was never, ever a possibility.

"Just to be able to wake up and think I can go and do this — I've never had that, I've always been skint. And I feel honoured, blessed and guilty all at the same time. I don't like taking money off anyone. So to be given this kindness is nothing I'd ever expect."

Deal or No Deal contestant Brad Wale (ITV screengrab)
Deal or No Deal contestant Brad Wale was left disappointed when it was revealed he had won £5 out of a possible £100,000. (ITV screengrab)

Wale also shared how MND has affected his life. He revealed: "It's been a really long process getting the diagnosis. It wasn't until very recently. It sounds silly but when I was told for the first time it was almost a relief, that I'm not going mad.

"I get cramping in my hand, cramping in my feet. I'm not able to walk much at all any more. I've been having speech therapy, so my speech has got a bit better, but if I'm really tired that goes. I've had to have lot of adaptions just to do life. But I'm a big believer in positivity and I believe if I can stay positive I can fight it all the way."

Stephen Mulhern presents Deal Or No Deal
Brad Wale appeared on Deal Or No Deal and won just £5. (ITV)

After the episode of Deal Or No Deal aired on ITV1 on Thursday, 30th November, fellow contestant Rochelle Brown called Wale to tell him she had set up a GoFundMe page in his name. Wale said: "Rochelle is the kindness, genuine-ist person I would ever wish to have met.

"I met her on my very first audition for Deal or No Deal, we just had an instant connection. We got put standing next to each other opening the boxes and formed a really great friendship. From that she has done this and I can't say thank you enough. I just thought a few friends and family would donate to be honest. So it means the world."

What happened when Brad Wale appeared on Deal Or No Deal?

Deal Or No Deal logo
Deal Or No Deal contestants can win as much as £100,000. (ITV)

Wale appeared on Deal or No Deal — a gameshow in which he could potentially have won £100,000. He turned down an offer of £12,500 from the banker, only to learn he had just £5 in his box. Wale told host Stephen Mulhern: “This is my life. I’ve always had such bad luck. Nothing changes, I should have expected this.”

Brown wrote on her fundraising page: "I’m sure you all saw Brads devastating game on Deal or No Deal. His DOND [Deal Or No Deal] family really want him to fulfil his dreams and we have set this up on the hope that anyone could maybe spare a couple of pounds and get Brad to tick some bits off his Bucket List. We love you Brad"

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