Death In Paradise star 'reveals' who will replace Ralf Little as BBC detective

BBC's Death In Paradise star Ben Miller has hinted at who might step into Ralf Little's shoes as the lead detective on the popular show.

Miller, who previously played DI Richard Poole, shared his thoughts on the potential replacement for Little, who recently left the series after portraying Neville Parker.

With speculation rife among fans about who will take over the role, several names have been suggested, with some believing a past detective could make a comeback or that a new face linked to the show might emerge, reports the Mirror.

When asked about his preference, Miller expressed his support for Toby Jones, known for his role in Mr Bates vs The Post Office, stating: "Oh my God, there are so many people who'd be brilliant. Toby Jones, that's who I'd like to see."

Miller also entertained the idea of a female detective leading the show, telling Radio Times: "Yeah, that could definitely work. I could see that, 100%. I think that'd be good too. If we're playing fantasy detectives, Miranda Hart."

Death In Paradise characters
Ralf's DI Neville Parker and Josephine Jobert's DS Florence Cassell bowed out of the series last month -Credit:PA

Reflecting on his departure, Little shared that although he was reluctant to leave, he was pleased that his character Neville had a satisfying conclusion, ending the show by setting off on travels with his love interest Florence Cassell.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he detailed: "This last series was always going to be my last series, I had talks with the BBC, and with Red Planet, the production company and we all agreed that it just felt.

"If it was in my heart, like if it was just a heart decision, I'd have wanted to do it for 20 more years. But just for the show, and... for my character Neville, it just sort of felt like his story... it deserved to be sort of finished and his sort of journey... sort of deserved to be completed and he deserved a nice happy ending and so it just felt right."

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