Deaths As Rally Car Smashes Into Spectators

Deaths As Rally Car Smashes Into Spectators

A car competing in a rally in southern France has crashed into the crowd, killing at least two people and seriously injuring 15 others.

Several children were among those hurt in the 14th annual Maures regional rally, at Plan-de-la-Tour in the Var region.

The orange-coloured car is believed to have veered off the road, firefighters said.

Public prosecutor Danielle Drouy-Ayral said a race marshal, aged 50, was one of those who died.

She added that an official from her office would be overseeing an investigation.

Initial reports say the driver, who has not been named, made a mistake at a junction where he was supposed to turn right. Instead, he drove straight ahead, smashing into spectators.

Among the injured, four including two youths aged 12 and 17 were critical. A nine-year-old boy was also wounded.

A large team of firefighters and rescue workers raced to the scene of the crash, which happened about 4.30pm.

"The priority is to find out the causes of this accident," prosecutor Julien Ficara said.

"The vehicle will be examined. The driver of the vehicle, who is in shock, has been hospitalised and placed in custody, and the co-driver will be heard."