'Deer Jake': Buck Makes Annual Visit to Dog in Wyoming

A deer revisited an old friend, Jake the greyhound, in Sheridan, Wyoming, on February 22.

Patti Hruza filmed the buck waiting for her dog, Jake, to come out and play. The video shows the buck and Jake (the dog on the left) sniffing each other through a glass door.

“This particular buck has developed a comfort level with us,” Hruza told Storyful. “Jake has befriended him over the last couple of years.”

Hruza told Storyful that Jake would “get down in a playful mood to get the buck to play”. A video on her Facebook page two years earlier showed Jake and the buck running the fence together.

Hruza told Storyful the buck leaves the area once spring arrives. “Then we look forward to seeing them all back in late fall,” she said. Credit: Patti Hruza via Storyful

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