Deer Smashes Into Glass Door of Rhode Island Home

Arriving back home from work on November 13, Rhode Island man John Ross wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the glass strewn across his front porch.

“I came home…in the dark…and thought ‘wow…the wife put down a lot of salt’…then I thought someone tried to break in,” he wrote on Facebook under a photo of his smashed-up screen door.

Then Ross checked his doorbell camera. It showed a deer running headlong towards his glass door and smashing into it.

“There’s a nice little chunk out of the door, the wooden door, because it looks like the antler hit it pretty hard,” Ross, of North Kingstown, told a local news outlet. “It bent the metal part of the door pretty badly,” he said.

Luckily, the deer seemed to be unharmed, and was able to run off. Ross said he figured the buck saw its reflection in the glass and mistook it for a rival male. Credit: John Ross via Storyful