Is this the default Windows 8 wallpaper?

Stuart Miles
Is this the default Windows 8 wallpaper? . Windows 8, Microsoft, Software, Operating Systems 0

Is this the default Windows 8 wallpaper? That's what rumours on the internet are suggesting after the image leaked online in China.

The image depicts two daisies on a clear blue background, but is the first time but is the first time the company has opted for a nature image since Windows XP with the rolling green hills.

Windows 7 default image featured blue swirls and the Microsoft Windows logo.

"While we can't personally confirm that this is the default screen, the evidence is supported by several posts over at and do align with previous images that have surfaced around the web. Enjoy." Reports Neowin, a Microsoft news website on finding the wallpaper.

Also found on the internet is the default lock screen image as well. It too is of a flower suggesting if both images are the real deal Microsoft really is about flower power this time around.

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