Delilah Belle, Lisa Rinna's Oldest Daughter, Tested Out Butt Vibrators for Us

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

When you're the daughter of a Beverly Hill's housewife and a big-time Hollywood actor, it's totally fair to say that whilst in the womb you were probably implemented with expensive taste by natural causes. Like, they had absolutely no choice but to like anything and everything with a designer tag on it. Which is why Delilah Belle made it quite clear that she was "raised" to have expensive taste because, welp, Lisa Rinna. To try and prove this theory because, ya know, she IS Rinna's first born, Delilah took the brave leap and played Expensive Taste Test where her life may have flashed before her eyes and she realized that...she just might not have the fanciest eye for things.

While Delilah thought she was going to be the champ of the champs but clearly she was mistaken! To give her some credit though, she did offer up a valid point: "What does more bubbles mean? That it cost more money to make bubbles?" and these are the questions I'll be asking myself every time I'm sipping bubbly at a random happy hour. Unfortunately, even with her inquisitive thinking, she went for the $17 glass. You think you know yourself until you play Expensive Taste Test at Cosmo. ;)

If you didn't casually feel out butt vibrators (or taste test waters), did you even play the gam? Yep, we gave her two kinds of butt vibrators to see if she had any knowledge as to how to distinguish the pricier one from the cheaper option. She felt them out (with her HANDS, uh duh, this is wholesome content people) and tested out all the ~speeds~ but was ultimately defeated.

I'll bow down to her fashion and beauty senses though, aka her Lisa Rinna qualities coming TF through, Still even after a few more products, she wasn't able to totally be on that Lisa Rinna level. Even though Delilah Belle may not yet have that hella fancy RHOBH taste, she is getting there!!

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