Loose Women's Denise Welch confronted by 'lookalike' fan in ITV audience

Denise Welch was left startled towards the end of Thursday's Loose Women, as she came face to face with a 'lookalike' fan in the studio audience.

As it broadcast its fourth live show of the week, the ITV lunchtime programme teamed Denise up with colleagues Charlene White, Judi Love and Kelle Bryan, for the hour long episode which saw Denise admit to kicking off with John Lewis, after an issue with a delivery from the department store, as well as her demonstrating a 'hidden' talent, by playing the recorder.

And the Geordie star was also in the spotlight as cameras returned to the Loose Women set following a final ad break and host Charlene called a brief halt to proceedings to announce: "Denise's doppelganger has come to see us," adding: "And she doesn't know we're about to put a camera on her right now, but we are," as the woman, called Lisa, came into shot, with a very similar hair do to Denise and wearing almost identical glasses.

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Denise, having initially looked a bit taken aback by the resemblance, then broke into a smile, as Charlene quipped: "We should just swap you out!" Denise then commented: "Honestly, I'm so....is it Lisa? Lisa, I'm so flattered, as people who come up to me and say 'Oh, I'm your double' have usually got one tooth, but you've got a full set and you're gorgeous! Beautiful."

Having the last word on the matter, Charlene then wrapped things up by saying: "You can be our Densy's stand in anytime Lisa!"

Earlier on this week, there was another Loose Women surprise for Geordie actress Denise, when she was reunited with her on-screen husband from Coronation Street, Phil Middlemiss, 26 years after his character Des Barnes was killed off in the ITV soap.