Denmark set to become the next country to ban the burqa

Denmark could be the next place to ban the burqa, following in the footsteps of several other European countries.

The proposed ban on full-facial coverings, including the burqa and the niqab, is not said to be aimed at any religion though some has seen it as directed at Muslim women.

Speaking after a meeting in parliament Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, from Denmark’s liberal party that leads a centre-right coalition, said it was not a ban of scarfs, turbans or traditional Jewish skull caps.

‘That’s how it is’ – Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen has written that a masking ban will come to the country (Pictures: AP)

Denmark would not be the first country to introduce a ban on full-face veils in public, with similar laws in place in countries including France and Belgium.

Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen, from the Liberal Alliance party, wrote on Facebook that a masking ban would come to Denmark, adding: “That’s how it is”.


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“Everyone agrees that burkas is an expression of extreme oppression,” he wrote, adding that there was now a “vast majority” in parliament who believes face coverings should be banned.

“So if it is practically possible with such a ban without us going to make violence on ourselves and our own values, then we will vote in favour,” he said.