Designer shares 'simple' hack to accurately measure your own bra size at home

Tilly Tomkins
-Credit: (Image: Tilly O'Neill - Nearer the Moon)

From backache to discomfort caused by friction, wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to a myriad of problems.

Let's be frank - when did you last get your bra size checked?

A 2021 study by Boux Avenue revealed only 19% of women are donning the right bra size. It's not unusual for your cup or band size to fluctuate over time - particularly post-childbirth.

Moreover, some lingerie specialists recommend getting measured twice annually, given the importance of comfort. Despite the need for regular measurements, a survey by Pour Moi lingerie discovered one in five UK women confess their last bra fitting was six to 10 years ago.

It's evident that many delay getting their bra size reassessed, possibly due to lack of time, embarrassment, or simply not knowing how to do it themselves. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy method to do it at home.

Tilly Tomkins, proprietor of lingerie brand Nearer The Moon, recently posted a video of herself re-measuring after concluding her 'feeding journey' with her baby, hoping to inspire others to 'accurately' measure themselves.

The London-based lingerie designer, famed for crafting Billie Eilish's sultry suspender belts for her 2021 Vogue cover shoot, shared her insights: "So, two things you're going to want to start with - first is a non-padded bra, it can be wired or non-wired. Basically, you want to be slightly lifted, but you don't want to be adding volume. Second thing, you're going to want is a flexible, but not stretchy, tape measure."

During the tutorial, Tilly demonstrated how she snugly wrapped the tape measure around her waist, allowing it to 'dig in a little bit'. She added: "This is where all the support from your bra comes from, so you're going to want to get that nice and tight."

She then proceeded to place the measuring tape around her back, ensuring it was 'horizontal to the floor', and took the measurement "around the fullest part of your bust without squashing any of the tissue," Tilly clarified. She stressed the importance of this step as it determines your cup size.

Tilly revealed the clever trick to ascertain your cup size - subtract the smaller measurement from the larger one. For instance, Tilly's waist measured at 32 inches, while her bust at its fullest was 38 inches, leaving a difference of six.

Tilly Tomkins
The bra hack has been praised online -Credit:nearerthemoonlingerie/Instagram

"You just count the cup sizes, it's really easy. So if there's zero difference, that's an AA cup. A, B, C, D, double D, E," Tilly elaborated. "So that means I am now at 32E for the moment."

A number of apparel retailers, such as Marks and Spencer, utilise their own distinct sizing charts and omit certain dimensions such as FF and HH. However, the commonly accepted cup sizes typically follow this sequence: AA-A-B-C-D-DD-E-F-FF-G-GG-H-HH-J-JJ-K-KK-L.

Tilly's straightforward explanation of bra sizing received a lot of positive feedback on social media. One impressed user commented: "That was a neat explanation, Thank you!" while another revealed: "Omg, really needed to see this."

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