Diane Warren Touts Cool ’80 For Brady’ Cast, Singers & Taylor Swift – Sound & Screen Film

Diane Warren Touts Cool ’80 For Brady’ Cast, Singers & Taylor Swift – Sound & Screen Film

Diane Warren lined up an all-star girl group including Debbie Harry, Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper and Gloria Estefan to sing “Gonna Be You,” from the film 80 for Brady.

“I love great artists,” Warren said Thursday at Deadline’s Sound and Screen Film event. “I love iconic artists.”

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Warren had written songs for Estefan and Carlisle before. Parton was a first.

“She doesn’t need me,” Warren said of the country legend.

Producer Damon Elliott coordinated recording all of the artists in different locations. Carlisle was in Mexico City and Estefan in Miami, for example.

“None of them are in L.A.,” Warren said.

During her long music career, Warren has written for such varied artists as Trisha Yearwood, Aerosmith and Starship. Warren said she still gets turned down, but her persistence often pays off with big hits.

“They don’t all say yes,” Warren said. “The famous one is I had to hold Cher’s leg because she hated ‘If I Could Turn Back Time.’”

All five 80 for Brady singers said yes. And so did another top artist.

Taylor Swift collaborated with Warren on “Say Don’t Go” for her album 1989. The Grammy-laden singer decided not to include the song in that 2013 album but added it for the Taylor’s Version re-release this year.

“Her vault’s a pretty cool place to be — especially when it comes out of the vault,” Warren said. “Now she’s a thousand times bigger than she was. I’ve never seen it since the Beatles.”

Warren said she got the call from Swift months ago. Once released, Swift also sent Warren a thank-you gift.

“It was cool enough she used the song,” Warren said. “She didn’t have to send me flowers too.”

The 14-time Oscar nominee performed “Gonna Be You” at the awards-season event but did not play her tune from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 — or “Say Don’t Go.”

Check out the panel video above.

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