'It Didn’t Feel Like An Ending:' A Year After Ted Lasso's Series Finale, Juno Temple Reflects On Keeley's Season 3 Story And Why She Loved It So Much

 Juno Temple as Keeley Jones speaking on her phone in Ted Lasso Season 3.
Credit: Apple TV+

On May 31, 2023, Ted Lasso concluded its three-season run on Apple TV+, one of the best streaming services. The series finale, titled “So Long, Farewell,” revealed the future of AFC Richmond and showed what awaits the starring characters in the next stage of their lives. For Juno Temple’s Keeley Jones, who spent Season 3 starting her own PR firm and dealing with a sexually explicit video of her being leaked online, she gave Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton a proposal to start an AFC Richmond women’s team. With a little over a year having passed since the season ended, Temple spent some time reflecting on Keeley’s story and what she loved it so much.

Temple, who recently starred in Fargo Season 5 and has Venom: The Last Dance coming up on the 2024 movies schedule, was asked by THR if she agreed with the sentiment from some headlines “suggesting your character Keely wasn’t well served by the final season and that they should have done more with her.” She answered:

I haven’t heard that. I thought she had a pretty great journey in season three. I loved her ending where she has her independence. We also got to see her having a moment where she wasn’t okay and I think her friendship with Rebecca [Hannah Waddingham] was, for me, throughout the entire show, one of the most treasured parts of getting to step into Keeley’s shoes. I thought when she reaches out to Rebecca — when she has the sex video go public — that that was really important and I’m proud of that storyline. I thought her storyline opens the door to wherever she’s going to go. It didn’t feel like an ending for her. It felt like it was another another chapter, but the book is not finished.

While various Ted Lasso fans shared their issues with the series finale, Juno Temple doesn’t agree with them when it comes to Keeley’s story in Season 3. As she sees it, the final batch of episodes allowed her character to become more independent and strengthen her friendship with Rebecca, with the two of them forming a strong bond starting early on in Season 1. With this women’s team now on the horizon, Temple is satisfied with this new chapter of Keeley’s life that’s coming up and with the development her character went through during the last stretch of Ted Lasso.

Whether or not that new chapter ever gets explored remains to be seen. Although Ted Lasso is officially over, it was rumored earlier this year that Season 4 might stand a chance of happening, though there haven’t been any updates on that front since. The series finale could also easily be followed up on through various spinoffs, including one focused on Keeley and Rebecca. Rebecca Waddingham sounded game for it last August, and two months before that, Juno Temple said that getting the team back together would be a “no-brainer.”

Needless to say we’ll let you know if Ted Lasso is ever followed up on, but until then, you’re always welcome to stream the entirety of the show with an Apple TV+ subscription. For inquiries on what small screen entertainment is airing now or will be soon, consult our 2024 TV schedule.