Disabled transgender woman creates her own pride march from LEGO

A transgender disabled woman unable to attend her local pride march for three years due to the pandemic has finally held her own - made out of LEGO.

Karen Passmore, 72, and her carers have spent the last year constructing an astonishingly detailed model display in her living room.

She has not been able to experience the real thing and attend her local pride march due to her vulnerability to Covid, but has now showcased her Lego alternative - including hundreds of little figures marching.

Featuring a roller coaster, a merry-go-round and an observation wheel - her Lego town's march features more than 60 colourful and intricate buildings strewn with pride paraphernalia.

Karen, from Southmead, Bristol, suffers from multiple sclerosis and other conditions that leave her with permanent difficulty breathing.

She said the Lego has helped take her mind off being stuck at home during the pandemic, and thanked one of her three carers Kay for helping construct it.

She added: "My home has been overtaken by Lego in the last year. We'd been looking for something to keep me busy, and after not too long it took over the house.

"We eventually decided if we were going to keep building it we'd do it for pride. We went out and bought pride ribbons, and installed thousands of little mini figures with flags and things.

"It's quite fun, and given my disabilities it keeps me busy. I've not been able to go to pride during the pandemic so it makes me feel included.

"For the last couple of years I've been stuck at home alone with my carers, so being able to do something that makes it feel like I'm there has been lovely."

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