Discover the 'magic hour' for laundry to slash your energy bills

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Laundry might seem like a tedious task, but it doesn't always have to hit you hard in the pocket if done wisely.

Washing machines, whilst indispensable in today's homes, have been highlighted by the Energy Saving Trust as one of the major "energy guzzling appliances" that could significantly inflate your bills if used imprudently. The trust says these devices contribute to an astonishing 14% of your domestic energy expenses.

Reducing detergent use is one way to cut costs, but choosing specific hours for laundry can make a difference too. There's a particular "magic hour" for doing the washing which is most cost-effective.

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Yet, loads of households are missing out simply because they're unaware of when this golden time slot falls, reports the Express.

Industry specialists at Dr Beckmann point out that many people run their wash cycles during the day's pricey periods, with a staggering 85% of the UK population doing their laundry when energy prices soar specifically between 8am and 10pm. In addition, about one in ten people are doing their washing between the peak hours of 4pm and 7pm, where energy rates are at a premium.

So what are these magic hours for energy saving?

The pros suggest that thrifty individuals should aim to wash garments between 10pm and 8am to keep costs low. Nevertheless, the experts caution against using appliances overnight as you snooze citing safety concerns making the most realistic "magic hour" between 7am and 8am.

Experts have discovered that a mere 15% of consumers are currently tapping into the "magic hour" when energy costs plummet to their lowest. Energy providers typically hike up their prices during peak hours, coinciding with the highest levels of energy consumption.

Chloe Baker, spokesperson for Dr. Beckmann, highlighted the benefits of this opportune time: "This 'magic hour' provides you with enough time to fill and empty your washing machine before heading out to work or for the school run."

She further explained the advantages of utilising this period: "By washing at the 'magic hour', you can help keep costs low while ensuring your clothes stay fresh and clean all year round."

However, whether you'll benefit from cheaper electricity in the morning hinges on your specific tariff.

Some tariffs, particularly modern smart off-peak plans, are structured to offer savings when electricity demand is lower, thus reducing costs.

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