Discover young design talent with a cool new view at Specsavers

This summer, Specsavers is supporting fresh design talent with the launch of Specsavers​ Design Collective. The unique collection of 14 pairs of glasses and sunglasses, designed by four students, draws on their own personal inspirations to create a range that celebrates individuality, encouraging everyone to wear their specs with pride.

Selected from more than 140 entries, the four designers – Emily Hill, Lydia Blackshaw, Tiffany Bachelet and Joshua Teodoro – entered Specsavers’ inaugural design competition last year, and it is their original and innovative ideas that come to life in this new iconic collection of glasses.

The winners

Emily Hill

Studying Footwear Design at the University of Arts, London

Emily’s 'Acanthus' design dazzled the judges with its beauty and elegance. Now on placement at a leading UK high-street fashion brand, she was inspired by her time living in London and Spain. Influenced by decorative and elaborate architecture, Emily’s collection features a range of unique shapes with intricate Baroque and Rococo details. “The journey from research to initial ideas and then final designs all reflect the shapes, forms and fluidity of the beautiful acanthus leaf. I’ve taken historic details and given them a modern twist with shape and colour,” she says.

Lydia Blackshaw

Graduate of Jewellery and Silversmithing at the Glasgow School of Art

A jewellery designer, Lydia infused a clean and contemporary design aesthetic into her collection, 'C U Eyewear'. “My inspiration came from seeing the rise in popularity of clear glasses – I wondered if I could add personality with pops of colour,” she says. “When you look at the glasses straight on, you see clear acetate. Turning them to the side lets the colour and character come through.” Fusing crystal acetate with bold and vibrant colours, allow the wearer’s face to be the main design feature. Lydia says her glasses are about “self-expression and standing out from the crowd”.

Tiffany Bachelet

Studying Product Design at the University of Dundee

Entitled 'Squeals Genius', the collection is an anagram of Unique Glasses, and is a fitting name for Tiffany’s winning range, which features simple wire frames with distinctive shapes and colours. “I’m a bit short-sighted, so one of the reasons I entered was because I wanted to wear my own designs!” she admits. Tiffany’s collection is a true celebration of individuality and inclusivity, featuring quirky shapes designed to look different on every face shape. “I wanted these glasses to be for everyone, not gender-specific,” she says. “For me, it’s about style.”

Joshua Teodoro

Studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University

Taking creative cues from space and travel, Joshua engineered a range of ultra-wearable frames based on a classic round shape with a nod to futuristic elements. Each design incorporates a stylish red stripe motif within the frame, similar to the coloured band seen on NASA spacesuits. “I see space as a metaphor for the creative process. It’s all about exploration and being curious,” he says. His "less is more” approach brings a fresh, technical feel to what is a classic shape. ‘I’m used to designing all kinds of things, so I wanted to challenge myself and design glasses.”

Available in stores nationwide now, the inimitably chic collection is created for glasses lovers looking to express their style through their specs, and with two pairs for £99*, there’s no end to your styling options. Visit or call 0800 0680 241.

Terms & Conditions: Cannot be used with other offers. Second pair from £69-£169 ranges, to same price range or below and to the same prescription. £69-£169 ranges: standard 1.5 single-vision lenses included in both pairs. Varifocal/bifocal: you pay for the lenses in your first pair only. £169 Fineform and Rimless ranges: standard 1.6 single-vision lenses included in both pairs. Varifocal/bifocal: you pay for the lenses in your first pair only. All lenses are scratch-resistant. Extra Options are available at an additional charge on both pairs. Excludes safety eyewear.