Disney+ Dropped A Pic With Jeremy Allen White, Tom Hiddleston And Logan Lerman All Suited Up, And The Fanbases Are All Uniting To Stan

 From left to right: Tom Hiddleston in Loki, Logan Lerman in We Were The Lucky Ones and Jeremy Allen White in The Bear.
From left to right: Tom Hiddleston in Loki, Logan Lerman in We Were The Lucky Ones and Jeremy Allen White in The Bear.

Hulu’s integration into Disney+ finally happened after months of speculation. Of course, Disney promoted the streamer’s newest addition to no end with more streaming channels possibly to come. However, one promotional photo sent multiple fanbases into a frenzy. The streamer dropped a pic featuring a fully-suited-up Jeremy Allen White, Tom Hiddleston, and Logan Lerman, and the fans united to stan.

The possibly once-in-a-lifetime moment came at the right moment for the House of Mouse, as Hulu on Disney+ received a mixed reaction from viewers. However, the streamers ramped up the launch by posting a photo with three of its leading men – White, Hiddleston, and Lerman – on its Instagram account. Check out the multi-platform crossover in the image below:

Now, that’s how you promote a streaming launch. Taking three beloved stars from some of the House of Mouse’s fan-favorite hit shows is genius. Viewers have grown to love and cheer for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki by watching the Marvel movies in order. Meanwhile, Jeremy Allen White and Logan Lerman have solidified themselves as the internet's boyfriends due to the success and acclaim of Hulu's The Bear and We Were the Lucky Ones, respectively. It’s a plus that White and Lerman are currently gaining Emmy buzz.

Of course, the gentlemanly photo set the comments section on fire as multiple fandoms converged on the photo as soon as it was posted. The OG and new Percy Jackson fans showed up for Lerman. However, the multi-fandom saw the photo as a moment to push Disney+ to do some stunt casting for its Percy Jackson streaming series (which is worth noting that Lerman also took a photo with the current Percy, Walker Scobell):

  • Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades for the new Percy Jackson series

  • Young Poseidon, young Apollo and young Hades. Just saying

  • Percy Jackson, Kerry Von Erich and Loki all in one shot

While all the MCU and Percy Jackson fans found some common ground, not everyone was looking for the next fantasy-action crossover. Some commenters flooded the comments with their thirst for the three Hollywood leading men. Many fans couldn't hold back, saying:

  • Disney understands the female gaze 😍

  • Appetizer, entrée, and dessert 😙🤌

  • ....I can't even choose who to look at....

  • disney said “gather the three hottest white boys, it’s time to break some hearts”

Some followers couldn’t handle White, Hiddleston, and Lerman being in one photo together. Other followers showed Disney some appreciation for bringing the trio together:

  • my brain combusted rn, what is this disney?

  • everyone say thank you disney+

If the House of Mouse wanted to announce Hulu on Disney+ in style, then, this is mission accomplished.

Once viewers are done gazing at all three men, they should get a Disney+ subscription to watch their respective shows. Tom Hiddleston can be seen in Loki Season 2 on the streamer. Logan Lerman deals with family and danger in the Holocaust miniseries We Were the Lucky Ones, which is currently airing on the 2024 TV schedule. And Jeremy Allen White can be seen as the complicated Carmy in The Bear’s first two seasons as the cast shoots Seasons 3 and 4 back-to-back. Both shows are also available with a Hulu subscription.