Disney-themed ‘dinner and a movie’ envelopes are a great idea for family movie night

A TikToker’s “dinner and a movie” series has piqued the internet’s interest.

Arianna is a recent New York University graduate. She came up with a fun way to make dinner and a movie more interesting than just sitting in front of Netflix with takeout. Arianna’s idea is a great way to spend time with friends or the whole family, especially now that we’re at home more often. Her “Disney dinner and movie” is the perfect example of how she elevates this classic activity.

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Arianna started out with a few colorful envelopes. Inside each, there’s a Disney movie paired with a few related menu items. She chose the envelope with Luca, an animated film about a boy who spends the summer in the seaside town of an Italian riviera. Along with eating pasta and gelato, Luca also befriends a sea monster.

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For the Luca-themed dinner, Arianna made dishes from the film like pesto pasta, bowtie pasta chips, gelato and sliced watermelon. So whenever the characters sat down for a treat, she and her friends could enjoy it with them.

Arianna’s new take on an old activity received over 10.1 million views on TikTok.

“This is a pretty cool idea even though it’s a cartoon,” a user wrote.

“The food looks better than in the movie,” another noted.

“Love this! Totally doing this. My nephews would love it!” someone commented.

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